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Fuels and Oils



We at Scott Petroleum sell only the finest lubricants on the market today. With a full line of Chevron, Scott Petroleum, and SPC products our suppliers stand behind all products for quality, and the latest technology for today's growing lubricant needs. Our line covers everything from machine tools, planes, automobiles, tractors, trucks, and trains. If you need something to keep your business going, Scott Petroleum has what you
need. We not only want you to buy our products, but we use them in our fleet as well.

Scott Petroleum has a full line of fuels, from on and off road diesels, regular, mid-grade, and premium gasoline. We also carry AV gas and Jet A fuels for your aviation needs. The fuel business has recently experienced phenomenal changes and at Scott Petroleum we have been exploring all of the latest technologies. We are now producing Bio diesel at our new state of the art bio diesel refinery. With all of the changes in the environmental regulations sulfur, the lubricity element in diesel fuel, has been drastically diminshed. Where sulfur was removed bio diesel will help lubrication and keep the fuel system running clean.

Scott Petroleum Corporation continually strives to provide it's customers with the highest quality propane at the most affordable prices. In addition to offering competitive pricing year round, we also offer several opportunities for consumers to save money on their propane purchases throughout the year.

Scott Petroleum's Propane Summer Fill and Propane Pre-Buy & Lock-In are just two ways you can take advantage of money saving opportunities! Contact your nearest Scott Petroleum Bulk Plant for more information!

Scott Petroleum strives to be a full service petroleum company with excellent products, service, and knowledge of what we sell. We look forward to filling all of your fuel, lubricant, or propane needs.

Lubricant Recommendations


  • 5W20-5W30-10W30 Gasoline vehicles only
  • 15W40-Diesel and some older vehicles and tractors
  • Econoshield 30W- Non Detergent Not for today's engines
  • Outboard TCW-3 Outboard motors & 2 stroke motors


  • Synpro Trans 50W- Synthetic oil for Eaton transmissions
  • Synpro 75W90- Synthetic rear end oil for big trucks


  • SPC Tractor Fluid- Goes in most tractors, you should ask if the fluid goes through the transmission and hydraulics or if it has a separate reservoir. If it goes through the transmission & hydraulics use tractor fluid. If it has a separate reservoir use 68 in hydraulics.
  • Pontonic Drive Train 10- 30- 50 W made for Caterpillar hydraulics and transmissions.
  • Make sure you ask what kind of car, equipment, or machinery they have been using or what is recommended.

Gear Oils

  • Pontonic N Oils from ISO 68- 680 Are extreme pressure EP oils (Smells like the rear end of a truck). Not for gearboxes that have yellow metals and run 212 degrees. This will cause an acid buildup and can pit the yellow metals.
  • Pontonic MPX 80W90 and 85W140- Are for EP transmissions, and rear ends of older cars and trucks.
  • Pontonic PM Oils- Are for equipment requiring mineral oils (only old tractors).


  • SPC 32-46-68 AW Oils- Are good for forklifts, press tanks, piston pumps, and other hydraulic oil requiring AW oils.
  • Diekan 5W20- for boom truck oils high dieletric strength for working around power lines.
  • Hdran HVI 22- High Viscosity Index oil, mainly used for T & L pivot systems.
  • Turbine Oils 32- Used in Entergy power plant and highly refined ISO 32 can be used as a drip oil.
  • Eolan R & O oils- Used for a wide variety of applications requiring a R & O. Gearboxes that do have yellow metals, compressors, heat transfer oils and farm well gear heads.
  • Synolan 1000- Synthetic oils that are primarily used in compressors and gearboxes.
  • Tech Spray 10- Smoke oil for crop dusters.

Specialty Oils

  • Artac Way Oils- Used in machine tool ways and slides on lathes, grinders, and other machine applications.
  • Diekan 410 Transformer Oils- Transformer oil
  • Soluble Oil 294B- Water soluble oil for metal cutting.

Food Grade Oils

  • Vestan AW32- 460 food grade hydraulic oils H-1 food machinery and hydraulic systems, catfish plants.


  • Marson Liplex #2- Great lithium complex EP grease, general purpose, blue in color.
  • Marson Lipex ET #2 Red- Lithium complex EP grease; general purpose; Extra tackifiers for extreme pounding of bushings and etc., red in color.
  • Marson EPL- Lithium based grease for special applications, amber in color.
  • Liplex XD- High performance lithium complex, handles high speeds and temperatures EP., red in color.
  • Marson Moly 5%- EP multipurpose grease designed for Caterpillar machinery.
  • Marson Open Gear Grease 1 1/2- Good for open gears, and turntables on equipment.

Trey's General Oil Myths

  1. If it smells like a rear end, then it is an EP gear oil. Example: Pontonic
  2. If it smells sweet like brown sugar, then it is a mineral oil. Example: Eolan
  3. If it has a separate reservoir for hydraulic oil, it is usually an AW hydraulic oil.
  4. If it only has one reservoir in a tractor use tractor fluid.
  5. Hydraulic oil for boom truck- Diekan 5W20.

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