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Irrigation Engines


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Vortec 5.7 Liter Powertrain Engine
8 cylinder - 350 cubic inches

GM Powertrain takes it's expertise in designing outstanding Vortec truck and SUV engines, and leverages it to make sophisticated yet extremely durable industrial engines. Buck's Engines has over 45 years experience with General Motor's expertise in designing engines and utilizes this partnership to manufacture an extremely durable industrial engine

Designed for propane.
Intake/Exhaust manifolds & High Energy Ignition (HEI) are all standard.
Hydraulic roller lifter camshaft is optimized for maximum performance.
Composite front cover for noise reduction.
Nodular iron crankshaft for increased strength & durability
High Energy Ignition (HEI) distributor and coil are standard.
Induction-hardened inlet valve seat inserts for maximum durability.
World-class engine sealing system uses composite cylinder head gaskets with steel cores, a one piece rear main crankshaft seal, a one piece oil pan and molded rocker cover seals.
Positive inlet valve stem seals to control oil consumption
Optimal running @ 18-20 RPM
1,356 miles in 24 hours @ 20 RPM
5 gallons per hour average on LP fuel @ 18 RPM
Recommended oil change every 100 - 150 hours

Fuel Economy (EPA unadjusted composite) - 17.9
Cylinders - V8
Cam - OHV
Max Power @ RPM - 220 @ 4600
Max Torque @ RPM (LB-FT) - 280 @ 2800
Inertia Weight Class (LBS) (approximate) - 5250
Towing Capacity (LBS) - 5600 - 5800
Fuel Economy (EPA unadjusted) - 17.9

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