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Apply for a Scott Fuel Card Online ( Follow this link ).

A Scott Fueling Card helps make fuel management easy customized to manage a fleet of two or forty. The Scott Fueling Card can now help you manage your fueling expenses, if you own one car or run a fleet! At Scott Petroleum we are dedicated to helping you manage fuel expenses with the convenience of the Scott Fueling Card. The Scott Card has many unique features that offer convenience and reports that help track fueling cost.

Time Management
No longer will you agonize over tracking your drivers to get receipts of fuel purchases. All of this data will be summarized in your monthly statement.

Expense Management
The Scott Fueling Card has no monthly service charges that apply when payment terms are met. With the options available, you will be able to closely analyze and track spending accurately, which will offer you better management tools and present cost saving opportunities.

Fleet Control
This option will enable you and your managers to track and control fuel related expenses. Your monthly statement displays the date, time, gallons, product and location of the purchase.

Account Online
As a customer and user of the Scott Fueling Card we will teach you how to view your account online and run reports that will benefit you in managing your fleet.

Monthly Report
Each month an account summary will accompany your statement which will include a list of the stations where fuel was purchased, a record of fuel transactions, purchase amount, date, time, gallons, type of fuel purhcased at each location, total amount purchased on each card, and the taxes that are applied to the total statement (which can be used for deductions on tax returns in some cases).

Other Options
As a fleet manager you have the option to customize each card to generate the data that is needed. The Scott Fueling Card offers a personal identification number (PIN) for each card or multiple PINs for each card. Another option is variable data which could be an employee number, truck number, last four digits of a social security number, or anything to distinguish an employee. Also, the card can help track miles per gallon with the option of entering the odometer at the pump if so desired. The final option that the card presents is the days which your workers can purchase fuel. This can be customized to each individual card.

Vehicle Summary
The vehicle summary is sent out with every statement. The summary inclues the card number, name of card holder (option), date, time, type of product purchased, odometer reading (option), site purchase took place, variable data (option) and total cost of the purchase. At the end of each vehicle summary is an invoice summary, which includes total gallons of each product purchased, total state and federal taxes paid. The final feature of the vehicle summary is a site summary, that list all locations where purchases were made.

Product Summary
The product summary feature lists each fuel type, how many gallons were purhcased, and the total price of each brand. It also gives a grand total of all items purchased. This is useful because it can help develop a monthly budget for fuel.

Customer Report
The customer report is a detailed list of all transactions that took place during the billing period. This feature can also include the driver's name, truck number, and gives the location that the transaction took place.

Locally Owned
We are a locally owned company. Our corporate office is located in Itta Bena, MS.

Card Protection
If your card is lost or stolen, the card can be terminated and another card issued by notifying our Itta Bena office at (662) 254-9024, ext. 105.

17 Locations & 24 Hour Convenience
We have 17 locations in the surrounding area where our Scott card is honored. 12 of these locations offer 24 hour "Pay at Pump" convenience.

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